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Perpetual Calendar - Tiny Lovely Faeries by Jean-Baptiste Monge

Perpetual Calendar - Tiny Lovely Faeries by Jean-Baptiste Monge

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Jean-Baptiste Monge creates amazing pictures and here are a few in a smart Calendar that you can use EVERY YEAR. A sweet idea of gift for those who wish to bring some Magic in their Home

Each month, one picture. In total 12 different illustrations chosen among the most beautiful artworks of Jean-Baptiste Monge.

All artworks are ©™ Jean-Baptiste Monge / Editions Goblin's WAY - No reproduction is allowed without consent.

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Size: 30 x 12,5 cm - 175g

Cover : The front cover is glossy and gilded, very smooth. The back cover is glossy as well and shows all the designs.

Inside: Matte paper, soft, easy to write on.

There is a very thick grey cardboard between the last month (December) and the back cover to make it stand on your desk. Or you can use the the spiral wire to hang it on your wall.

Language : Français, English, Español and 中国语文

Can be used EVERY YEAR as there is no special year or day's names.

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" ALL DREAMS COME TRUE, that is something in what I can believe in, like finding his own Good Star! All is about stories and tales and why not about fairy tales..."

Jean-Baptiste Monge

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